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Techmann Ltd. is a young and dynamic company, founded by specialists who have a huge experience in distribution of solvent and aqueous component cleaning facilities for different fields of production and service maintenance.

Areas of interest of the company are expert review and organization of cleaning processes at industrial enterprises of Russia, including segments with special requirements for surface preparation such as: aerospace, high-precision manufacturing products, surface preparation for the application of hardening protective coatings coatings (PVD, CVD, etc.), optics and micromechanics, microelectronics.

Development of cleaning technology implies analysis of contaminations, materials, performance and surface cleanliness requirements. Basing on these data, we choose cleaning chemistry and the type of cleaning system, provide delivery, commissioning works and carry out washing tests, as well as subsequent service support and supply of cleaning media - aqueous detergents and solvents of different composition.

Our clients are industrial enterprises and service centers throughout Russia. Head office of Techmann Ltd. is located in Saint-Petersburg, the cultural capital of Russia. Moreover we have representatives in the largest industrial regions – Moscow, Samara, Chelyabinsk.