It is important to understand that Techmann is not just a distribution company.  We support our partners through every step of entering and being successful in Russia.  This includes:

Supplier Support:  We treat every supplier as a valued customer.  This is why we provide every type of customized service necessary for our partners to be informed and feel confident about their business here.

Promotion support:  We collaborate with our partners to make your marketing materials suitable for the Russian market.  We believe that we don’t just sell a product…we sell an idea, a need, a technology.

Customer Support:  Fast and efficient customer support is one of the reasons why our clients and suppliers stay with us.  We provide 24/7 support for questions and problems in order to give our customers and partners quality assistance as quickly as possible.

Purchasing Support:  The Russian purchasing system is very complicated.  We facilitate our customers through every step of this process.  We take care of all aspects of competing in tenders and the necessary bureaucracy that goes along with it.

Application Support:  We don’t just plug in and go. For your equipment to be properly used it’s essential that customers understand the instrument and concept of the technology. We make sure our customers become experts in the technologies we provide.

Technical Support:   Our engineers are experts in their fields and we always request they get direct training at a supplier’s facility. 

Management Support:  New technologies need new management workflows. We help our clients implement and use new concepts to their maximum potential.