How does the process start?
At the beginning of our partnership we will sign a general distributor contract.  Next we will have to sign a separate customs contract.  This is a bi-lingual contract for internal Russian customs and bank purposes.  We will make this contract ourselves based on the terms we have negotiated with you and send it to you for approval and signature.

What’s the first thing I need to decide?
Choose the delivery terms (INCOTERMS2000):  Ex Works is normal and in general convenient for us; CPT is best.  Then you need to send us technical documentation, an invoice and a packing list for your products.

What is needed on the Invoice?
Name of the product, Qty, Price, Contract #, Delivery Terms, Commodity Code (if you have it), Any Special Remarks.  Remember to declare everything in all packages you send.

What should technical documentation consist of?
Technical documentation is usually a separate document you send which includes:  A picture, How it works – Manual Instructions, Composition (What it’s made of) - % of ingredients.  Note:  if the composition is a secret then only say what substance the composition is based on (water, metal etc.)  Remember to do this for every product you send.  Also, if you have a technical passport for your equipment that would make technical documentation much more efficient.

For liquids, powders, substances etc. we need a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).  If you need an example of what this is we can send you one. 

What is needed on the Packing List?
The type of packaging to be used, weight, dimensions, Qty, type of product, commodity code (if you have it).  This is used mostly for Techmann’s internal shipment purposes.

What other documents do I need to send?
Certificate of Origin:  an official certificate stating where this product comes from.  This can be obtained from your local Trade Chamber or similar organization.

Certificate of Quality:  only for chemicals, powders, substances etc.  The supplier can make this yourself.  It’s a certificate stating the substance has been put through and passed a laboratory quality control test. 

What if I don’t have a Commodity Code?
It’s ok we can obtain a commodity code for your products ourselves.  However we can tell you that Russia’s commodity code index is part of the internationally accepted standards so it’s possible for you to choose the code yourself if you want.

How long does Customs clearance usually take?
If everything goes well without any problems it usually takes about 1 day for us to check the documents before the shipment.  Then depending on the size and complexity of the shipment, about 1-5 days for the products to clear Customs.